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  • Dedicated team focused on “life” insurance for philanthropic giving all-day, every day
  • Access to best-in-class strategies and products aligned with your goals
  • Systematic process of evaluating, constructing, and servicing life insurance policies aimed at furthering the philanthropic mission
How We Help

Partnering with Philanthropic Organizations to Help Them Better Understand and Use This Asset Class

  • Clarity on Existing Gifts of “Life” Insurance
  • Professional Management of Policies & Future Gifts
  • Strategies to Build Future Gifts

Position Your Organization for Success: Engaging Legacy Giving

Current “Life” Insurance Strategy

Review current portfolio of “life” insurance policies and annuities and make recommendations based upon our analysis.

Portfolio Management Setup and Risk Mitigation

Legacy Giving provides ongoing management of the institution’s “life” insurance portfolio.

Ongoing Management

Legacy Giving will support ongoing gift efforts using sophisticated “life” insurance tools and strategies.

New Gift Structuring

Our team will keep the Advanced/Development Department educated on this asset class, inform them on national trends, implement best-in-class practices and approaches, and create super donors through deeper conversations.

Continuous Training


Turning Policies
Into Cash

Gift Leveraging

Charitable Gift
Annuity Consulting

Gifts of

Portfolio Management

Life insurance is an important asset in your portfolio. Just like other assets your organization owns, it needs management. To protect the organization and maximize the return on investment, proactive portfolio supervision is key. We respond to the single largest disconnect in the life insurance industry – policyowners expect their life insurance contracts to be proactively managed according to their defined objectives, but advisors lack the quality carrier support for long-term monitoring and management commitments. We utilize a patent pending web based software solution designed specifically for ongoing life insurance policy monitoring. Its purpose is simple – to simplify the complex for a life insurance asset manager by consolidating policy management.

Turning Policies Into Cash

A life settlement is an additional option for unwanted life insurance policies. Traditionally, if a policy was no longer needed, the policyowner would typically let the policy lapse or surrender it for the cash value. A life settlement provides for an additional option whereby a policyowner can sell their existing life insurance policy to a third-party for more than its cash surrender value but less than its death benefit. Our process for maximizing policy values is built around leveraging our deep transaction experience, strategically positioning the policy to potential buyers, building competitive tension, and advocating aggressively to achieve superior results for our clients.

Gift Leveraging

Life insurance policies are a wonderful way to gift assets to a charitable organization. An individual who is already making donations can use those gifts as a premium to leverage up to fund a life insurance policy that will result in a significantly larger benefit amount paid out to the designated charity. For example, an individual could spend $250K in premiums to fund a $5M life insurance policy payable to their favorite philanthropic organization instead of making a $250K cash gift.  

Charitable Gift Annuity Consulting

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) allows your donors to make an immediate cash gift to charitable organizations without reducing their spendable income or the inheritance they plan to leave to other members of their family. Charitable gift annuities result in a win for all parties involved – the donor, their family, and of course, the charitable organization. Our team of experts can help examine the various options for mitigating risks and improving portfolio returns.

Gifts of Annuities

Many donors acquire annuities but never use the money in their annuity because of the income tax that must be paid on withdrawals. However, if the cash value stays in the annuity, these taxes can be deferred. Instead of liquidating annuity assets while the donor is alive, these assets can be given to charitable organizations tax-free at time of death. Our Legacy Giving review process can help maximize the value your charitable organization receives and work with your team on how to identify specific opportunities with donors who have annuities with large embedded tax gains.


Caring, Compassionate, and Knowledgeable “Life” Insurance Experts Focused On Your Giving Goals

Tyler Horning


Tyler is the Principal of Legacy Giving, an independent life insurance and estate planning firm headquartered in Maumee, Ohio. Legacy Giving works nationally supporting various charitable organizations and their donors navigate the many options for efficient charitable planning.

Tyler and his wife, Caitlin, along with their three young sons and baby daughter, enjoy spending time together doing outdoor activities, traveling and getting involved in their local community.

John Cates

Donor Advisor

As a Donor Advisor, John is responsible for educating both non-profits and their donors on the various options of using “life” insurance to maximize the gift’s impact. Utilizing his vast experience, John has a thorough understanding of what all stakeholders are looking to accomplish.

John has worked for two publicly traded banks where he has spent time as an investment advisor, trust officer and most recently, was the Head of Private Banking. He has served on a handful of non-profit boards and has participated in both raising funds and structuring gifts. Having grown up in the Irish Hills of Michigan, John often takes his family back to the area to enjoy the many lakes.

Terrah Schaefer

Specialty Market Case Manager

In the role of Case Manager, Terrah helps quarterback cases from start to finish. She is responsible for assisting the advising team by assembling case files, coordinating donor and non-profit communication, and facilitating the execution of the gift strategy.

Terrah brings a unique skill set to Legacy Giving stemming from her prior experiences with non-profits in the finance and information technology industries. She graduated in 2019 with an Associates degree in Applied Science, and when not in the office, Terrah enjoys spending time outdoors and with her friends and family.

Erynne Lopez

Client Liaison

As a Client Liaison, Erynne is responsible for guiding our clients and donors through the journey of life insurance. She focuses her efforts on ensuring that communication between our team and yours is smooth and as efficient as possible.

Erynne is a native of Northwest Ohio and spends most of her free time relaxing with her husband and two children.

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